ssh Tips and Tricks

Got ssh problems? Don't we all?

I don't utilize ssh very much in my day-to-day environment which means I forget a lot of the basic commands. Thought I'd drop some tips and tricks in here to help myself (and maybe you) remember.

This is just a quick and dirty knowledge-dump that should be updated over time.

Execute a command over ssh

Don't bother ssh'ing in just to execute a command. Do it remotely over ssh!

ssh user@remote_host command

Need sudo for that? We got you covered!

ssh -t user@remote_host command

Setting up a git remote at non standard ssh port

Sometimes you want to be super secure and open up a fancy port like 1337 for ssh. Here's how to set a git remote to it:

git remote add fancy-remote ssh://user@remote_host:port

I've had to set up dokku for non-standard ports which was a bit tricky. Instead of dokku@remote_host:app-name use:

git remote add dokku ssh://dokku@remote_host:port/app-name

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